Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update on LIFE

As you can imagine, the last few months of Junior year at a Montessori school are hectic like you wouldn't believe. This is why I've left you in the dust *wince*, sorry? I'm almost done for the year; I finish on July 10th! Considering the past eight months of my life have be absolutely miserable, I am definiltely a happy camper lately. There's nothing like glood climate to cheer me up!

Yes the stress lately has been unbelieveble. I'm now on 250mg of Nuvigil with periodic naps, only get exhausted partially through the day. A lot of this is due to that chiropractor I told you about--Nick. Dr. Nick Dumas is trained to fix the body's poblems without invading the skin at all. In doing so, he sometimes causes more pain than considered! But I can suck it up in the name of gettig healthy again. Through adjustments, vibration therapy, light therapy, glutotylons, and of course accupressure (acupncture withthout the puncture), I can now breathe normally, talk clearly and loudly 98% of the day, and laugh or a little bit with my friends.

I still have EDS for sure and I had a cataplexy attack just last Monday. But when you look at the greater picture, I know longer look like or act like a zombie! I owe so much to Nick for helping me get this far, and I only have hope for the future. I have talked to others like me and they have hope for an impovement as well, and I hope to help them at least learn to cope with their--our--illness.

Oh and the spinal tap showed my hypocretin count at 7 when it should be at 200; a definite cataplexy diagnoses. Great huh?

Now I get to go get ready for a school prformance. Wish me good luck and to all of you struggling I know what you're going through. Feel free to email me if you want. I know what it's like to feel like life's getting the best of you. Don't let it define you, as it will never be a part of you until you let it be!

P.S. I've officially decided on my college major for Fall 2012... neuroscience :) there's nothing like an experience pushing you in the direction of making a positive difference in the world!