Friday, October 3, 2014

Narcoleptic Babysitting?

     Since I'm starting to feel so much better, I figure it's time to start trying more of the things I've avoided since I got narcolepsy. If it were up to me, I'd be driving already, but unfortunately cars are pretty expensive and my job isn't THAT great haha. So baby-steps it is for now. 

     Tomorrow I'm going to babysit for a family at the school I work at. The mom and dad are going out for the day with friends, so I'll be at their home with their adorable little girls. One of the kids is in 1st grade, and the other is a toddler (she's 2) , but they're both total sweethearts and are so excited for me to come over.

     At first, 10:30-7ish made me super nervous and I was going to back down, for fear of getting too tired while I'm there. But after thinking on it, I realized that this is something I can totally handle! I have extra Concerta as a back up and I'll be sure to sleep in the car on the drive there and home afterwords.

     Wish me luck! :)