Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Been A While

I know I've practically fallen off the face of the Earth but I have what I think can be taken as a good reason for it. Senior year ended up being a lot more difficult than I ever thought it would be! But with summer here and college looming on the horizon, I've finally been able to put my health back on hold and turn back to my regular social life. Who would've thought that would even be an option for me?

Here's an update on me:
- My senior prom was amazing! I has a fantastic time and only ended up flat on my butt on the floor a few times, and a lot by choice but that's because it was part of the dance moves! My friends were great and helped me in my teetering 5 1/2" tall heels and floor length gown. I did have a close call though; I was lucky that I did not burn the side of my face with a curling iron when my arms went limp while doing my hair. Phew, thank god!

- I took two AP exams in school, World History and English Composition. Still waiting on those scores!

- My high school graduation was successful! :) I was scared I wouldn't make it as soon as I felt my shaky knees walking down the aisle, but I was fine. I even contained the tears that welled up in my eyes when I spoke of getting Narcaplexy in my graduation speech.
- I went to a 4H program called Expo Days at Michigan State University and was proud to make it through a camp counselor tricks and storytelling class (I didn't get to pick). And between you and me, I even had fun flirting with the guy my age that sat next to me in the storytelling class. I probably looked like a freaky druggie with my face muscles twitching when I laughed, but I never told him about my narcaplexy and felt like I successfully blended in ;)

- This week, I am in Duluth, Georgia which is right outside of Atlanta, visiting my aunt, uncle, and two daughters that I haven't seen in three years. Although the girls, Kristin is 13 and Ashley is 10, have seen me on MTV True Life: I Have Narcolepsy they have never seen me in person. But I gave them a nice glimpse when I collapsed on the wooden staircase leading down to the back yard yesterday! I was unmovable for at least 5 minutes, because I was upset that I scared the girls and was silently crying out of frustration as I lay there (narcaplexy can make you very emotional!). But all is well and I feel so much better today :)

Thanks for reading, even if I left you for so long! I'll try to post a lot this week while on vacation :)