Monday, February 11, 2013

A New Year and A Fresh Start

I've been slacking on the blog communication, I know. But I've found some time this morning to fit in a post to update anyone who cares about how my second semester of college has been going so far :)

First off, I have a new roommate! Beckah had to return home to England unfortunately :( but my new roommate, Samantha, has turned out to be another great match for me to be living with! She just transferred from a local community college so she is a 20 year old sophomore Communication Disorders major with a Psychology minor. Although she is older than me, she is just learning to branch out from underneath the harsh restrictions her parents have held over her for so long and to become her own person so the whole college life is new to her. She's extremely shy, which shocked me at first, but we've been working on that over the past few weeks and she's gotten much better on that matter! We even went to a party at a "fraternity house" (unofficially, as we aren't allowed to have actual Greek Life housing here in Berea) this past weekend and had a blast with mostly people we hadn't met before.

My class schedule is great this semester; not a single class before 10:10am ;)

US Chemical Industry 10:10-11am
Social Psychology 12:45-1:50pm
English 2:05-3pm

History of Europe II 10:10-11:15am
Professions in Psychology 6ish-8ish (only Tuesdays; starts March 18th)

Not too bad if you ask me! I have plenty of time to go to class rested, and my neurologist even added an afternoon dose of medicine to my day to help me get through my evenings. I didn't even ask for more, but once I started this semester and started taking an extra 18mg of Concerta around 1-2pm, I am extremely grateful for his suggested! It helps especially if I find I don't have time for a nap before Social Psychology and English back-to-back on those days.

- I'm still a photographer for the school yearbook. Getting paid to take pictures? Can't beat that!
- I joined a group that gives middle school kids tours of campus to get them excited about it early so they can work hard in high school.
- My boyfriend Will and I are still happily together: January 30th was our 5 month mark <3

At least now I don't feel as bad for ignoring this blog for so long :S I'll make it a point to post more soon, this is a promise! On my way to Social Psych, wish me wakeful thoughts!