Friday, October 14, 2011

Cataplexy Man

Today is the first time that I've ever met another Narcoleptic person besides myself! Not just one either, I met so many Narcoleptics today it was just so surreal. I'm excited for the actuall conference to start tomorrow, to hear what these speakers have to say. Hopefully after this week I will have made some new friends and have a better understanding of my illness and how to help others :)

BTW, this is my new favorite dude "Cataplexy Man''. He was a gift from someone at the NN conference and he falls just like most of us! Haha check out why he's so special below:


  1. I LOVE the Cataplexy Man music video!! My cataplexy man may have to make a response video - he's got some great dance moves of his own. :-)

  2. @REM Runner:
    Thanks! I was bored and it was like 2 in the morning in Vegas and seemed like a fun idea haha. Hey, we could make a whole series out of these things! :)