Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween! (for you, at least...)

So I for one think that Halloween is the most amazing holiday ever. Anyone else with me? It's the only day of the year that it's acceptable to dress up in costumes and party all night long (or go door-to-door asking strangers for candy, if you're in that age group or will do anything for sugar). I hope everyone had a great night last night; all weekend for that matter! I'd love to say this Halloween made up for last year's crappy one (it was right after my car accident and I had Acute Stress Disorder  (pre-PTSD) and was depressed like crazy) but this year's wasn't too great.

I took my last methylphenidate (Concerta) Sunday morning at work and knew that I was in for trouble on Monday. Because it's such a controlled substance, my mom has to call it in to the clinic and wait a few days until they call her back that the prescription is ready. Then they have to see her ID to prove its her, and they close at like 5! So even though I warned her a week ahead of time that I was running low, she couldn't pick it up yet.

Monday morning I felt okay at first, eager for Halloween (I was a witch) but by 9:30 my eyesight was getting blurry and my focus was slipping. By 10:30 I was snappy and depressed, sleeping through classes and eventually by 4:00, crying over EVERYTHING. I felt so miserable and broken without my medicine, I can't believe one missed day could affect me so much. Thank goodness, mom saved the day and after she left the ER (she has MRSA under her skin, yuckk) she picked up her meds, mine, and was waiting with them when I got out of my college psychology class (that I completely slept through!).

But on a lighter note, I feel SO much better today :)


  1. Hmmm, I was (usually) able to get to my doctor's office every 4 weeks to get the new script for my methylphenidate (Methylin/Methylin ER) and then the pharmacy. On the way to work, if I go a that way into work. He had said that if I couldn't get him, that I could get my primary to write the script...though I never did. There was one time where I had to come back the next day to get the script...

    This was the only med I always got from the pharmacy going into work, rather than coming home (even though I often have trouble remembering or getting motivated to leave work early enough to get to the pharmacy before it closes)....because I need to keep some of it locked up at work....

    Pharmacist had mentioned that some docs write scripts out in advance that they can keep on file for later...

    Don't think I've ever been carded to get it though....could be that I was 42 or that its a small local pharmacy where they all know me. And, more often than not...I'm there for a prescription refill.

    If it were some other pharmacy it would be a real pain that my prescriptions have 4 different refill cycles... Though I try to push the dates gradually together on some...and then the doc changes something and it spreads out again.

  2. HI Julie! I love halloween too! Did yousee my sleepy pumpkin patch? So silly. I'm supposed to be a grown-up.. Oh well.

    Glad you got your meds and you're feeling better today. I've had days without them and this definitely helps me appreciate their benefits.

    Sending wakefulness and smiles from Washington DC. -The "Other Julie"

  3. @The Dreamer: Well I see a pediatric neurologist still, and the medication is controlled so they make my mom show her ID to prove she's my parent when she gets my prescription. And they don't give me any refills of Concerta so we have to go through this every month!

    @REM Runner: Hey, I'm nearly 18 so define "grown-up" haha :) As far as I'm concerned, age is only a state of mind, Halloween is for ALL ages, and your pumpkin patch is adorable! I wish I would've had time to contribute this year, but senior year is a tough one. I can start planning for next year's though!

    Yes, I am very thankful for them now lol. Gotta be careful missing days because I'm soooo close to being able to drive again; nearly 6 months cataplexy-free! Yayy!